Ski Arlberg

Based on its high chance of snow, modern lifts, size of its skiing zone and variety of descents, the Arlberger Skiing Area has been designated a ‘Top Resort’. This area, on the border between the Austrian provinces of Vorarlberg and Tirol, is known as a real ‘Schneeloch’. The condition of its slopes is usually superb and valley descents are almost always available. Besides the well known ski resorts – St. Anton am Arlberg, Zürs and Lech – a number of interesting towns border the immense Arlberg area.

For example, at 1400 m the idyllic Stuben is nestled against the mountain. Stuben appears to have come straight from a postcard: narrow streets, a little church and metres of snow covering the rooftops. Indeed, there is plenty of snow here, still considerably more than in the also well-endowed St. Anton. On Stuben’s slopes there is guaranteed skiing or boarding until late April.
An added bonus of the Albona side of the Arlberg area is the fact that both the lifts and the slopes offer more than sufficient capacity and space. From the first midway station, you can ski straight down a blue slope to Alpe Rauz, from which you can go to St. Anton or Lech without taking any skibusses!

"Excellent skiing area with a high chance of snow and slopes of every difficulty level”

Stuben’s skiing school, which has two short practice lifts, is situated on the sunny side of the valley road 200 m from the chalet. The Albona lift, which is right next to the chalet, takes you straight to the skiing area on top of the Albona Grat. From here, there are descents of every difficulty to for example St. Anton or St. Christoph. After and apart from skiing, Stuben offers what you might expect of a small town: a relaxed after-skiing scene, nice cafes, a number of good restaurants and a mixed, international crowd; in short, a lot of atmosphere and the feeling you’ve been coming there for years. If you’re looking for a bustling night in St. Anton or Lech’s ‘chic, you won’t be left wanting either.

Skikaart Arlberg 2020

 A thousand-metre height difference

From the Albona Grat, a red slope descends a thousand metres back to Stuben, although there are also ‘endless’ off-track slopes in all directions. One of these routes leads to the western town of Klösterle with its Sonnenkopf skiing area, where your Ski Arlberg ski pass is also perfectly valid!


Roughly speaking, those inclined to blue slopes are best served by Lech and Oberlech, while those who fancy the black and off-track slopes are best off opting for St. Anton. Experienced skiers and boarders can go with a mountain guide and descend down a spectacular off-track slope to Zürs from the area’s highest point, the Vallugagrat (2811m).

Off-track paradise

More generally, Ski Arlberg is a true off-track paradise: on top of the 306 km of slopes, there is a dazzling 180 km of unprepared but largely marked off-track routes.