Terms and Conditions

Please note: for reservations made through external channels such as Booking.com or local tourist office, the booking conditions apply which you accepted when booking.   

Article 1. Offer and Acceptance

The travel agreement is established upon acceptance of the offer by the traveller. The acceptance is to take place telephonically, by filling out the online booking form on the website or over email.
If, at the moment of acceptance, the composition of the group of travellers is not yet (fully) known, then this is no problem, provided that:
• the payment of the trip is made as if the group is already complete, and that
• the missing names and personal details are made known to use at the earliest opportunity.

Article 2. Confirmation and Payment

1. The travel agreement is confirmed by Châtel Travel in writing.
2. Directly after receipt of the confirmation, a forward payment of 30% is to be made. The remainder of the sum is to come into our possession 6 weeks before departure at the latest.
3. For reservations made less than 6 weeks in advance of departure, the entire travel sum is to be paid at once.

Article 3. Cancellation/Changes

1. Should a reservation be unmade for reasons not covered by our cancellation insurance, each person is charged the following fees:
  1. for cancellation up to 16 weeks in advance of departure: the deposit;
  2. for cancellation between 16 and 3 weeks in advance of departure: 75% of the travel sum;
  3. for cancellation within 3 weeks before departure (including the day of arrival): the complete travel sum;
  4. in the event of a ‘no show’: the complete travel sum.

2. Travel changes:
  1. desired changes to the travel date, destination, group composition, and so forth, can be made in agreement with Châtel Travel depending on circumstance. A change is always to be confirmed in writing.
  2. if changes to departure dates, departure times or accommodation are necessary – according to our judgment – we are obliged to make this known.

Article 4. Travel Organiser’s Liability

1. If a chalet cannot be reached due to the following circumstances, no refund will apply:
- snowfall, avalanche danger, road closures by local authorities preventing the chalet from being reached.
- due to circumstances beyond the tour operator's control, including war, strike, riots and other cases of force majeure.

If the chalet is closed by the government due to a pandemic, you will be given the opportunity, if available, to rebook your stay. If no alternative is available, you will receive a refund of the travel sum you have paid.

2. If the trip does not meet expectations, the travel organiser is liable for the related damages. ‘Expectations’ are defined as: the expectations that the traveller could reasonably hold according to prevailing notions in the Netherlands.

3. The travel organiser is not liable for the damages referred to in the 2. subsection to the extent that these are not due to its blame, and not to be paid by it, neither according to Dutch law nor to prevailing notions in the Netherlands.

4. If the trip cannot take place or has to be ended prematurely as a consequence of force majeure, the travel organiser cannot be held liable for this.

5. Liability for damage covered by travel insurance is excluded.

6. Liability for lost/stolen goods, documents of value and money is excluded.

7. Châtel Travel cannot be held responsible for damage to parked vehicles or objects left in vehicles.

7. Complaints have to be made in writing within 4 weeks after return, and have to include all relevant information.

Article 5. Responsibilities and Liability of the Participant

1. Participants are obliged to have travel insurance.
2. Participants are liable for damage, intentional or not, caused by them to lodgings and/or inventory.

Article 6. General Reservation

Ostensible errors or mistakes in this or any other notices are not binding for the travel organiser.

Article 7. Tour Guiding

Participation in ski guiding and other activities is at the participant’s own risk.

Article 8. Travel Documents

Travel Documents are to be sent at the latest one week before departure, provided the travel sum has been paid in its entirety.

Article 9. Pets

Pets can, in principle, not be taken. Exceptions can be made for bookings of an entire chalet. For more information, please contact Châtel Travel.

Article 10. Exclusion

If it is apparent that the participant is guilty of misbehaviour to the extent that the acceptable execution of the trip is hindered, the participant may be excluded from (the remainder of) the trip. All resulting costs are to be paid by the participants provided and to the extent that the blame for the consequences of his or her misbehaviour can be placed on him or her.